"Frequently Asked Questions"


Q1. How long does it take to receive the information once payment has been made?
A1. You should expect to receive and email from us including download instructions within a few minutes of making payment. The airbrush templates will be posted to you via airmail which usually takes between 7-14 business days for delivery (worldwide)

Q2. I have made payment and received confirmation but I have not received any download instructions what should I do?
A2. Because we have auto responders setup to send out the download instructions, on rare occasions the system could be down and it may be possible the auto responder was not sent . If this happens contact us immediately at support@airbrushing-made-easy.com so we can forward the details on to you promptly.

Q3. I have received download instructions but I am having difficulties downloading the e-book what should I do?
A3. Click on the following link to find some helpful troubleshooting tips for e-book pro viewer ebook pro FAQ


If after reading the tips on this page you still experience difficulties in viewing the e-book please send us an email at support@airbrushing-made-easy.com

Q4. Am I able to print the e-book?
A4. Yes the e-book has full printing capabilities.

Q5. Will the e-book have future upgrades and additions?
A5. Yes we will be releasing future additions and all upgrades will be free of charge to existing members. When they are available you will be notified via email and issued new download instructions.

Q6. I have always wanted to learn to airbrush but I have no drawing skills, will I be able to learn from using this material?
A6. Yes, the beauty of this material is that we have included some basic airbrushing lessons which we recommend you practice before applying any of the other techniques that are included, and each lesson is covered in high detail so there is no need to worry about missing any important steps.

Q7. Is the equipment to start up airbrushing expensive?
A7. Compared to other hobbies and trades airbrushing is very affordable to start out with and supplies can be purchased to suit most budgets. For some great deals on equipment visit http://www.airbrushingmadeeasy.com

Q8. Are there any other requirements that need to be met to be an airbrush artist, such as age or permit?
A8. No, anyone can learn whether you are a young child or an aged pensioner, it's enjoyable for everyone with a passion to learn. And there are no license or permit requirements to airbrush commercially.

Any further questions please contact info@airbrushing-made-easy.com



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