"How To Paint Ghost Flames, Tribal Flames, Pin Striped Flames, Hot Rod Flames and True Fire in Days... Not Years!"

No Artistic Talent or Airbrushing Experience Necessary!

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If your looking to get a set of flames on your ride but want something subtle then ghost flames are a great way to go. You can paint them in such a way that they are not seen at first glance but then when viewed from a certain angle they magically appear!

There are many different effects you can achieve with a set of ghost flames, they can be applied using kandy's or pearls..

It's Not Rocket Science, with the Right Airbrushing Techniques and a Bit of Practice You Can be Painting Cool Looking Ghost Flames Like This Too!

If you are passionate about learning how to airbrush ghost flames like the ones shown here then you simply must read on because I have made it so piss easy for you to master these flame painting techniques. "Damn, I wish there were someone who could have taught me 15 years ago when I was just starting out!" Truth is there was no-one willing to share their secrets with me, I had to learn the hard way! Lucky for you though, this information could cut 10 years off your learning curve!

Now You Can Learn how To airbrush Cool Looking Ghost Flames - in a Few Easy Steps

To make it really simple for you I have put together a series of detailed step-by-step instructions on not only how to airbrush ghost flames but how to paint many different styles of flames!

Here are Just a Few of the Flames You Will Learn How to airbrush;

  • Ghost Flames
  • Tribal Flames
  • Traditional Hot Rod Flames
  • Realistic Flames (True Fire)
  • Pin Striped Flames
  • Blade Flames, plus heaps more...

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A SECOND "Fire Starter" Custom Shield!

To achieve realistic flames, you need a variety of tools to work with. This second Fire Starter shield expands your creative freedom to create original flames! Both shields are custom designed by Stuart Vimpani and laser cut on 100% solvent proof Mylar! Normally $40... yours FREE!

How To Draw Killer Flames by Hand - Step by Step!

A detailed step-by-step tutorial on how to draw flames by hand. Using a flame pattern is totally cool and in some cases, a necessity. But when you're able to whip up your own style of custom flames by hand, you'll really be rollin' with the big dog painters then!

How To Create Flame Graphics Using PhotoShop!

A step-by-step tutorial on how to create a layout of your flame graphics using photoshop. See exactly what your custom flames will look like before you even paint them! This tool can be used by beginners or professionals alike and will make you ten times more efficient while reducing mistakes!

TEN (10) HOT Royalty-Free Flame Graphics!

Sometimes we all need a bump in the right direction. That's why I am giving you TEN of the hottest flame graphics from my own PERSONAL collection! With these designs, you can create some truly killer flame graphics!

And since they are royalty-free, you can use them over and over again without paying any ongoing license fees! Hot tip! Open these 10 flame graphics in Photoshop and mix, match, reshape, and resize to create ENDLESS flame combinations! Really gets your creative juices flowing!

I Challenge You to Find Another Package that Teaches You More About Painting Flames & True Fire... at Such an Incredible Bargain!

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Hi Stu,

After receiving your ebook it took me a while to get paint to metal. but after reading yours and a few other books i decided to just do it! I’m glad a bought a few books on the subject because it showed how much better yours was. Other publications either briefly covered the subject leaving me with plenty of questions or forced you to buy more expensive equipment making me have second thoughts on the subject.

Your book had the right amount of information for someone learning how to paint flames with no background in painting or art. Even though I’ve worked in the automotive industry for 10 years I’ve never painted a vehicle or spent any time painting. So my bike was the first thing I’d ever done and it turned out far better than I could have imagined.

when I was finally painting the bike I was so happy but at the same time I had doubts. I still doubted how it would turn out and didn’t want to spend countless hours doing it, just to get someone else to fix it. So I just stuck with your basic ghost flames. But looking back on how easy it was I am already thinking of redoing it with double layer and overlapping flames. But I’m not sure ill get the time to do it soon though, because I already have a list of people wanting flames on there bikes and cars! And it was my first attempt!

With your easy to follow instructions and pictures anyone can paint wicked flames.
thank you


I am pleased with the content of the book and can't wait to try some of the techniques before I paint my motorbike tank. Once I get brave enough to paint either my bike tank or the mini I am restoring I will send some photos.

Ric Calder.

Hi There

Thanks for the book and other add-ons, it is superb, so much so that when I received it I then proceeded to stay up all night reading and checking it out as I just could not leave it.

Really good techniques etc and free flame templates help also.

I haven't yet worked through the step by step Photoshop exercise, but will be shortly.

I have a Silver and Chrome PT Cruiser and am a member of the Northern Devils PT Cruiser Club in the UK, and with full body lighting inside and out/under in Ice Blue want to add ghost flames on the front and sides, plus my handle is Silver Surfer so want to explore adding the 'surfer' in ghost somewhere on the vehicle, and this is really going to help me achieve the effect I want.

Once again 'THANKS'

Allan (Silver Surfer) Clark

Right now I'm still new at airbrushing so doing mostly the practice drills. Thanks for everything the e-book looks great

Gary Buchholz

Hi Stuart

Mate the info is very helpful and has helped me a lot.

thanks Adam.


Hi Stuart

I am totally enjoying working my way through the book. I think it is excellent and very informative and really shows you how to do everything. I am very happy with my purchase of the airbrushing books. Keep up the good work it's awesome.
Jan Horbay
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan