"Learn How To Draw and Airbrush Cool Looking Flames in a Few Simple Steps"


Whether you Want to Paint Cool looking Car Flames or Motorcycle Flames, with this Info You Will Learn How to Draw Flames on Just About Anything!

Have you been trying to figure out how to draw flames so they actually look like flames and not crab claws? It does take a bit of practice to be able to draw cool looking flames, but that doesn't mean you need to be a good drawer! There is a skill to it, but the good news is it can be learned by anyone!

You've probably seen many examples of poorly designed flames painted on cars or motorcycles and thought to yourself "that looks really bad" well I certainly have, and more often than not. It's really rare that I come accross a set of flames that has been done effectively. And I am always observing!

I have painted hundreds of flame jobs over the years. But I didn't start out an expert, it took alot of trial and error to get them right. Now it's second nature for me!

Here are a few of the flame graphics that I've painted.


flaming skull

skull on fire

flaming skull

People always ask me how to draw flames and there really is only way one to master cool looking flame graphics and you guessed it... 
it's Practice, Practice Practice!

But first you need to know a few important techniques!

Painting a good set of flames begins with the design itself and secondly the vehicle it's going to be painted on. It has to flow with the curves and overall shape of the surface. It's not just a matter of slapping a set of flames on any old way, it has to be carefully thought out and planned way before paint is even applied! And this comes back to knowing how to draw flames effectively to get the best overall result!

Now You Can Learn How To Draw Killer Flames - Step by Step!

To make it really simple for you I have put together a series of detailed step-by-step instructions on not only 'how to draw flames' but 'how to paint many different styles of flames!


Here are Just a Few of the Flames You Will Learn How to Paint;

  • Tribal Flames
  • Ghost Flames
  • Traditional Hot Rod Flames
  • Realistic Flames (True Fire)
  • Pin Striped Flames
  • Blade Flames, plus heaps more...


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How To Draw Killer Flames by Hand - Step by Step!

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how to draw flames


Hi Stu,

I have always had a passion for airbrushing but had never been able to master it...
when I saw your how to paint flames ebook I had my doubts as I have always been a person
who has needed to have someone there to show me how to things but with the ebook it inspired me and gave me heaps of helpful hints and tips making to so easy to follow and learn. I am still learning new things about airbrushing each day but the ebook really got me on my way to get the results I wanted and now have.

I would like to thank u for all the helpful hints and tips also the updates are great,
as I feel I would have not advanced my skills as much as I have without the ebook.
I would recommend the ebook to anyone who has an interest in airbrushing anywhere
in the world from beginners to pros as no matter what stage u are at this will help.

thanks again



Thank you very much.  I really enjoyed it.  Have a lot of practicing to do.  Great book.  You will have to let me know when you come out with another one, on other projects. 

Thanks again Wendy


Hi Stuart

I found the ebook very easy to follow once I had the hand of my air brush I hope you make some more, would love one on true flames as that is some thing I would love to do on my car I have had a friend of a friend to do my bike and made it look so easy to do hope to here from you again 

Many Thanks again


I loved the ebook, and everything went well.  I can't believe the difference that book did to my flame drawing skills!  I draw them really easy now, and I'm painting flames on everything!!!!   I showed of some of my flame drawings to a friend of mine, and he thought it was so good, that he wants be to paint his snowboard immediately!  Thank you so much!  Please let me know if there will be more ebooks from you, and send me all available updates.  I'm having the time of my life!
Happy new year from Norway.

Best regards
Mats Bjornstad


I work in a body shop and got this ebook mostly to have the knowledge of these techniques. I have to say they were allot easier than I thought and now I know how they are done I look at other paint jobs and can see how they did it too.




I want to tell you that up to now i found it very helpful with hints and tips and I do really like those freebees of you I will later tell you how it is working for me

Thank you
Pierre Lafontaine



I down loaded the e book and went through it and found it quite informative. Thank you for making this information available for a reasonable price.

Johnny Barnes


Dear Stuart,

I am very happy with the whole sphere of information you have sent me.
However I have been ill and not able to do any Artwork to show you, as soon as things improve I will send you my first flame job, which I think will be on my Motor Cycle Helmet-its black at the moment and desperately needs some custom paint.

Cheers for now
Brian Seward



What can I say, I don't think words alone can express how much your e-book has meant to me and how much it has helped me.

I had already purchased Mike Lavalee's DVD's and watched them so many times I think I wore the coating off the DVD's. And yet I could not really understand the process, no matter how many times I watched them, I took copious notes but I was still so frustrated.

Then there was a light, a glimmer of hope. I thought about it for only a few seconds, after all this wasn't a huge outlay, so with nothing to loose I threw caution to the wind and purchased your e-book.

I have attached some examples of my projects, I know I still need to work on it so much more, but without your book I would never have even been able to get this far.

I am indebted to you my friend.
Hopefully one day I'll be in Sydney and be able to call in and thank you in person.

Yours in all things Airbrushing
Shaun "rowie" Rowe


Hi Stuart;

I found your airbrush information really informative, and more importantly, gave me the confidence to at least try it out, as the prospect of learning such a skill was pretty daunting until I actually read through the theory you presented.

At the moment, I have not the time or money to actually put much of it into practice, but as soon as I am able, I plan to repaint my VU Ute using the techniques you have shown me. (After a hefty practice run on flat steel sheets, of course).

I will be sure to email you some photos for your website when I am done, but it probably won’t be for a few months yet.

Brendon McDonough


The book has helped me a lot, It’s great!  And I am getting more confident all the time. Thank you again.