"Learn the Secrets on How to Draw and Airbrush Killer Skulls"

No Artistic Talent or Airbrushing Experience Necessary!

I was one of those kids in class who instead of doing my work I was drawing skulls and flames on everyone's title pages. I guess that explains why I can't spell (thank god for spell check:) But at at least I could draw cool looking skulls :)

Lucky for you though, you don't need to waste your school years or free time in learning how to draw skulls and flames from scratch!

By nature I am always searching for ways to make things easier so I decided to design my own series of stencils and now I can draw skulls and flames in a fraction of the time it took me the old way!

At least 50% of my commissioned work is based on painting flaming skulls. And when I teach airbrushing this is the number one thing people want to learn how to paint!

Here are a just a few examples of the flaming skull designs I have painted using my skulls and flames templates.


flaming skull

skull on fire

flaming skull

It's Not Rocket Science, with the Right Airbrushing Techniques and a Bit of Practice You Can be painting Killer skulls and Flames Like This Too!

There are stacks of these stencils available now days but know-one really shows you how to use them properly. And that's the reason why you see will see plenty of the same design around and be able to identify which stencil they used. NOT with my stencils, because I show you how to paint them using many different combinations. You can see from the video clip below taken from one of myairbrush classes how each person has painted their skulls differently, even though they have used the same stencils!

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how to draw skulls

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how to draw flamesHow to create show stopping airbrush flames in a quarter of the time it would take a professional to do it the traditional way!


  • Blade Flames
  • Tribal Flames
  • Ghost Flames
  • Pin Stripe Flames
  • Hot Rod Flames
  • True Fire and More...


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how to draw skulls

I attended a two day workshop with Stuart on basic airbrushing techniques where he showed us how to draw skulls and flames by using a stencil. I was able to use the techniques I learned to paint a skull onto my bike tank. He then showed me a really simple way to paint a set of flames that are a perfect mirror image on both sides. 
I had attempted to paint flames a few times myself prior but I found it really hard to get them even. His simple techniques saved me hours of work!

Scott Hamel

how to draw skulls


Hi Stu,
First off, I’d like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my work with you. I would very much say that your 'Airbrushing Flames and True Fire' e-book has taught me, not only about the artwork but the key thing to airbrushing techniques. For example, how actually simple it is to make templates and stencils from a plotter. Applying mask, drop shadows, troubleshooting and working around with different types of color, such as candy colors.
I hereby attach some of my work that i did for some of my clients. As for the skull & wings project, I actually made use of your ideas and your teachings, following closely every step, to create a template from a plotter and the drop shadow technique.
I consider myself lucky to have come across this e-book especially after I took up a beginners airbrushing course in a private school where I was only taught how to use and clean the airbrush kit and basic masking manually.
I would like to thank you so very much for coming up with this e-book and to share your knowledge with others. I really appreciate your work and i would always recommend this e-book to those who wants to learn how to do not only do flames but also the key technique to airbrushing, as a guidance and a replacement for a real teacher.
Rahmad a.k.a AD

how to draw flames

"Now I can not only paint awesome flames and skulls but also create some mad looking effects as well."

I have been frustrated trying to paint flames for ages. I tried every different way and they still didn't look right. After Stuart showed me some of his tricks I couldn't believe how quick and simple it was. 
Clinton Lewis


Hey Stu
Man o man o man!!!
I am having a blast. I have a double action badger and a 100ltr 8 bar max compressor. So for now I think I am ok with equipment to get started. See i do the prep work and my girlfriend is an artist so the (art) I leave up to her. I got the e book which has been the best money I have spent in a long time, so I just want to say thank you for sharing. I want to take South Africa by storm, and we got our first customer yesterday. Started on flaming skulls and is looking awesome so far.
We will send you pics once completed for an honest opinion.
Best regards
Louw Venter


Great piece of work. I especially like your tribal skull flame and true fire.



I like it. Thank you very much. The how to draw skull step by step was great do you have any more?, I will check the site. I will recommend this to all my painter friends. I have my daughter that is 12 reading the book and I she is learning the skill of the airbrush. 

I wanted to see if you all had any other stencils, like skulls or anything else. I love the book, It has shown me a few tricks I didn’t know. Overall the book is fabulous and I will be doing my truck next week with double flames. Thanks again